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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scenario based VMware questions

Scenario based VMware questions

1. Which method you adopt for taking backup of ESXi configuration ?
2. vMotion failed at 27%. What could be the possible reasons ?
3. What could be the reason for failing a VM to start after moving from another VMware platform ?
4. Can we clone a VM without VCenter ?
5. What are the possible reasons for ESXi host shown as disconnected in vCenter ?
6. After VMware clone Redhat network interface is not detecting, what may be the reasons ?
7. How can we resize an IDE virtual disk in VMware ?
8. What could be the reason for Software iSCSI adapters are not visible ?
9. What could be the reason for "Cannot create VMs with virtual machine version 9 in ESXi" ?
10. How to extend a logical volume in Windows 2003 hosted in VMware ?
11. What are the different ways to shrink the size of a vmdk file ?
12. Application server hosted in VMs are facing performance degradation. How to confirm whether it is an application related issue or VMware related issue ?
13. How to remove iscsi targets from ESXi with 'Dead' or 'Error' status ?
14. Reclaim the size of a thin provisioned vmdk file ?
15. What are the possible reasons for the operation to resize a VM disk failed ?
16. What could be the reason for "VM appears as inaccessible in vCenter" ?

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