Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When delete a pod in kubernetes, it respawn the same again


When we delete a pod using kubectl command, it get respawn automatically. This is one of the feature of Kubernetes.

[root@compute-instance1 ~]# kubectl get pods | grep ImagePullBackOff
quickstart-se-68d7ffb868-l7pvk                    0/1       ImagePullBackOff   0          12m

[root@compute-instance1 ~]#

How to solve this?

[root@compute-instance1 ~]# kubectl get all
This command will list down all the details.

[root@compute-instance1 ~]# kubectl delete deploy/quickstart-se svc/quickstart-se
deployment "quickstart-se" deleted
service "quickstart-se" deleted
[root@compute-instance1 ~]#

This helps to delete that particular pod from K8s.

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