Tuesday, September 18, 2018

How to create an OKE cluster

Creating an OKE cluster in OCI. Once cluster is ready, you can deploy your application.

1. You already have an OCI account with proper roles and policies to create and configure OKE.
2. You have a VCN, subnets

Steps in setup and configuration:
1. Login to your OCI account.
2. Navigate to Menu --> Developer Services --> Container Clusters (OKE)

3. Choose the correct compartment
4. Click on the "Create Cluster" button and input the name, K8s version, VCN, subnets and if needed the CIDR block for the b8s service.

5. Wait for some time, the Cluster status needs to change from "Creating" to "Active"
6. Click on the created cluster name
7. Add Node Pool
8. Input name, version, image, shape, subnets, quantity per subnet, public ssh key and labels.
9. Wait for some time, you can see the node pools getting machine allocated and it will install all the necessary softwares and packages.
10. Once its ready, you can login to those worker machines.

How to Access Kubeconfig:
Following steps demonstrated how to access the OKE kubeconfig file.
1. You need to download and install the OCI CLI and configure it for use.
2. mkdir -p $HOME/.kube
3. oci ce cluster create-kubeconfig --cluster-id ocid1.cluster.oc1.eu-frankfurt-1.aaaand --file $HOME/.kube/config

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