Monday, September 24, 2018

How to setup NFS filer (File Storage) in OCI

This document will help to create NFS file storage system in OCI. We mainly used this storage for Kubernetes application storage. The docker running on this host will automatically mount this storage. 

Steps in creating NFS filer are the following:

1. Login to your cloud account.
2. From Action Menu, select File Storage

3. Click on "Create File System", choose the compartment, input the name and availability domain.

4. Click on the "mydatastore" File Storage, you can see mount targets and its details.

5. Note down the commands for mounting this datastore into the client machines, by clicking on "mount commands"
6. Login to the client machine and issue the noted mount commands. 
7. Check df -h or fdisk -l to verify the mounts.

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